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Cintitec Reciclagem de Eletrônicos e Destruição de Dados

10,000 tons of recycled material per year

Destruição de Dados
Data Destruction
Logística Reversa para Reciclagem
Reverse Logistics
for Recycling

We perform the entire process of data destruction monitored by security camera and can be monitored remotely via internet + access password. In addition to the issuance of a Photographic Award for Data Destruction and Waste Recycling Certificate.

Through customized systems of reverse logistics of recycling, Cintitec takes care of the removal, transport and storage, after it goes through the process of sorting and processing.

Destruição e Reciclagem de Sucata Eletrônica
Electronic Waste
Gestão Global de Resíduos 
Global Waste Management

We carry out the recycling process of electronic scrap, reverse logistics, recovery and environmentally adequate final disposal of 100% of the materials.

We carry out waste management through segregation, recycling and valorization, solving possible environmental impacts and supplying a whole chain of processes and partners.

Economia Circular
Circular Economy

The processes are carried out according to labor standards, reverse logistics, separation and reinsertion of materials in the productive chain of industries.

Our work focuses on avoiding to the maximum the sanitary landfills, thus seeking the sustainability and ecologically conscious destination of organic waste.

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