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Cintitec - Destruição de Dados

CINTITEC is a firm specialized in the implementation and management of reverse logistics of e-waste for recycling, data destructions, and the treatment of organic waste through decomposition machines.

We are headquartered in Sao Paulo-Brazil and with subsidiaries in New York-USA and Chile.  

CINTITEC was originally created with the objective of helping firms implementing the actions for framing the National Reverse Policy Plan (Federal Law No. 12.305, of August 2, 2010 (BRAZIL, 2010) in Brazil. 

Since the opening of its doors in Brazil in 2013, CINTITEC has grown and evolved to become a global hub for firms not only concerned with environmental but also social issues.

Due to a strong partnership with global non-profits focused on education, equal opportunities, and gender inequality, today we are able to support, and offer our clients the ability to also do so, many efforts addressing environmental and social issues.


Our New York City office has partnered with Digital Citizen Fund, a global non-profit under the management of Roya Mahboob, for the implementation and management of a literacy program in the favelas of Brazil. As the result of this partnership, a great portion of our NYC subsidiary’s revenue obtained from e-waste recycling will be allocated towards the support and growth of the literacy program for children.


The program is scheduled to launch in 2017 in two underprivileged schools in the favelas of Brazil with classes in information technology, financial literacy, and the world of recycling. Our goal is to have this program eventually grow to include many more underprivileged schools.


We believe the future of our planet depends on how we are addressing our environmental and ecological issues and recycling is a big step towards the right direction. And educating the next generation to become leaders and advocates of this cause seems to be a natural step towards accomplishing this goal.

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Reciclagem de Eletrônicos

In order to comply with local and federal Laws, CINTITEC is licensed with the below environmental agencies:



In compliance with the Federal Law 12.305 and adequacy with the  ISO 14001 standards, CINTITEC is duly certified by CETESB and IBAMA for the management of electronic waste and solid waste for recycling.


Cintitec Ambiental - CeRTIFICADO ibama
Cintitec Ambiental - ISO
Cintitec Ambiental - Cetesb
  • Issuance of letter of consent of the material to be collected

  • Issuance of Recycling Certificate of collected material.

  • We work within ISO 14001 standards and in accordance with Law 12.305

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